Oriel VIP Membership

Learn how Oriel VIP can offer you personal aircraft advice and support, aircraft valuations, and a place to manage your entire portfolio.


Know Your Aircraft

Personal expert advice and support. Latest value movements. Industry analysis and topical discussions.

With over 40 years of combined experience and a network spanning all continents we bring you our considered opinion on issues affecting aircraft values and markets. We make it our business to keep our finger on the pulse of the industry and can personally discuss any of our values with you.


Evaluate Your Aircraft

All popular jet and turboprop types. Wide range of specs and options. Valuation reports in MS Excel and Adobe pdf.

OrielVIP includes all in-production and expected as well as popular out-of-production aircraft types. Baseline specification can be adjusted for engine, weight and other options. Outputs include Current Market and Base Values and Current Market Lease Rates; forecast Base, Bear and Bull scenarios.


Control Your Portfolio

Control and manage your portfolios. Value entire portfolio. Link your valuation to other analysis.

Best for tracking a value of a held portfolio or assessing a pool of aircraft. “Portfolio” is a self-managed feature where you can add and delete aircraft and portfolios, change specifications and download valuation reports. Free text fields allow linking valuations to other analysis.



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