What We Do


Commercial aircraft & engine valuations

Oriel provides value opinions on all commercial jets and turboprops and their engines, covering historical, current and future values.



Aircraft market studies

Bespoke studies focusing on value trends and commentary within an aircraft sector and industry.


Single assets or portfolios

Oriel reports cover single aircraft, airline fleets and portfolios. Instant primary valuations are available online through OrielVIP.  For more detail use our bespoke desk-top valuations.



Expert witness

Both principals have experience in the role as an expert witness, appearing in the UK, US and Spanish courts.


Valuation Benchmarks

Financial, distress and part out values are Oriel products in addition to the commonly used current market and base valuations. at we can also provide.  Financial value enables to assess the value of lease and lease return conditions.


Industry Presentations

Oriel is often seen delivering opinions or moderating panels at leading aviation conferences. We also offer insight on industry topics through our regular and freely available VIP reports.